Sunday, April 4, 2010


Depression and sadness conquers me. I don't like this day and I hope it will never happen again. I just found out this morning that termites attacked one of collections. They tortured my precious video and music collection. Huhuhuhu :'(

I'm their latest victim.

I CURSE THEM TO DIE NOW! I wanna burn every part of their species. It is such a horrible day for me. I worked hard for that collection of mine. I counted years just to have them and for less than a month, those termites slay them. I wanna cry and get mad, roll on the floor and hurt myself but nothing will change. It will never be the same again. They're already dead. Nothing can compare to the heartache that I felt when I saw my collections burning together with those lovely and cute parasites.

My collection. Waaahhhh... Those old Darna Movies by Ate Vi, the 4 albums of Nina, my favorite album of Mandy Moore, the very rare Spice Album of Spice Girls and my first ever movie video of my forever crush Josh Hartnett. All of them died today.

R.I.P :'(

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