Friday, June 3, 2016

One Woman

For a moment, I was torn between my work and La Mudra. Two important meetings vs. arm graft operation. The disappointed faces of my superiors vs. the pain of my mom. But of course, I realized that I can find another job; I am equipped with formal education, work experiences plus my overflowing confidence and personality (charot!) while I can only have one woman who loves me unconditionally. So please continue praying with me so she can recover fast and I know that this too shall pass.

At kailangan talaga in English, de vaahhh?! Nosebleed ako dito sa hospital. CHOS!


Anonymous said...

totoo talaga noh? ang mga bakla, kahit ganyan sila na minsan magaslaw, malandi o laging dinidiscriminate, para sa pamilya lalo na sa ina... gagawin lahat. dami ko kilala ganyan. so nice.

Anonymous said...


I will include your Mom in my prayers! Gogora atashi sa St Padre Pio Sa Batangas nitong Wednesday! Ano namesung nang Mudra mes? Pagdadasal ko talaga Mare! I can relate to you.

Anyway, Mars this is Olga Luxuria! I am back! I hope you still remember me! I added you sa Blogroll ko ha.

Miss you Mars!

Olga Luxuria


Your Mom will get well! ;)

Anonymous said...

Para po kahit papaano mapangit ka ng idol mo si richard pangilinan

maygan2000 said...

ditse kamusta ka na?

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