Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fallen for this song

"Fall For You"
is my all time Über favorite song. I find the lyrics pure and you really can feel the love on it. Shanice is the original artist but I first heard it with Nina's Live album. I automatically fell in love with it. Grabe!

I used to play it numerous times a day back in college while studying and doing some projects. I was so young then that I used this as a background music while playing the picture slide show of my former crush, Antonio DJ. on my PC's screen saver. Hehehe...

Sarah Geronimo's version is so refreshing that it reminds me of him. Chos! Landi ko... I luv her version but I think Nina's rendition is the best. Here's the lyrics:

There's a right or wrong to know for everything
And the truth is somewhere written in between
But there's always something missing in the dark
There you'll find the true condition of the heart

Well I can visualize the pieces of a dream
And it's not as far away as it may seem
But if truth be told, It's you that holds the key
To the question that defines my destiny

I've been in love, a time or two
I've seen the world, but not with you
I wanna fly, and spread my wings
Don't wanna cry, I wanna sing
I wanna live, and take a chance
I'm not afraid, to love again
I wanna fall, fall for you
And I want you to fall for me too

Me too, me too
I've had plenty conversations with my heart
Cause I want this thing to work not fall apart
So I ask my heart how it can be so sure
And it answers me because your heart is pure

I have every expectation that it's true
Cause my heart won't lie to me much less to you
But if truth be told its you that holds the key
To the future that becomes our destiny, whoa no, no, no

Repeat Chorus

To the mountain snow that melts into the stream
My heart flows like the river to the sea
To the heavens up above
I pray to God our destiny is love

Repeat Chorus

And I want you to fall for me too
Me too, me too, me too, fall for me too

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