Thursday, March 21, 2013


Dear Fafah Vince,

You've got the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. The way you look at me makes my heart swing. Those shoulders I want to touch, those lips I want to taste. Oh! That nip showing, I wanna lick. Ooppss! Sorry for crossing the line. I just can't stop fantasizing you. How I wish you could do the same... fantasize me too. CHAROWT! And how could I forget those arms with tender muscles. I want to feel it. Can I grab it?

I want to write more and tell how I really love you but as you can read, my English is very limited. Yeah! It's like collectors edition... limited stock only. But don't worry 'cause I'll come back once I have enough savings of words that I can use to express my pure intentions for you.


Bb. Melanie

'Teh, patawag ng ambulansya. Kelangan kong masalinan ng dugo. MADALI! ☺


Anonymous said...

so funny... love it

nekui-demigod said...

so sweet....