Thursday, April 18, 2013


Ang programang ito ay Rated SPG. Maaaring may tama sa utak ang lumikha. Istriktong patnubay at pag-unawa ng mambabasa ang kailangan.

Lifestyle Asia April 2013 issue
Hello Papa! So you're my soon-to-be father in-law. Finally you met the gorgeous girfriend of your son. Are you happy to see me, aren't you? Well, anyways I prepared some food for our first meeting. I want to give you an everlasting impression so I cooked. I'm not that good but at least I put an effort de vaaahhh?! 

Alright, my specialty includes Red Egg with Tomatoes and Basil, Corned Beef from London. Yes, the one that you open at the bottom using a key. Then for our soup, I prepared Sotanghon with 555 Spanish Sardines seasoned with Parsley. To refresh us, I timpla cold Black Gulaman. Of course, it's not a complete course without a dessert so I made the best ever Sabanana. You aren't familiar of that? Oh! It's the minatamis na saging in Filipino.

Baby, bring papa to the dining area...

Mike Concepcion
Why so serious baby? If you're worrying that your father will not like me, that's never gonna happen. No father will not want to not have a beautiful daughter in-law like me. C'mon smile and let's eat. But before that, kiss me on the leps first. Mwah! 


Anonymous said...


Ilang taon na ba yang future husband mo teh?

Melanie said...

He's turning tweynitu na ♥

Anonymous said...

ang kate!