Monday, September 6, 2010

Interview with a Vamp

Ako’y may kasamahan sa trabaho na nag-aaral ng Sikolohiya. Ang topic nila sa isang survey ay tungkol sa kabaklaan kaya hindi na siya nagpatumpik-tumpik pa. Ako’y kanyang in-interview at pumayag naman ako.
“Tagalog ba?” ask ko.

“Para kasi sa English subject ko.” sagot niya
Nai-stretch ng 'di oras ang utak ko. Share ko sa inyo ang text format ng interview:

You defined homosexuality as "self-expression" on the given survey questionnaire. Why do you think so?
-- I’m just practicing my freedom. It is my choice to be gay and I am free to express it.

What is the nature of being a homosexual?
--We're flirtier and naughtier. That's the comfort that we get from our chosen sexuality.

You mentioned that you found out about your sexuality during your childhood years. What were the factors that contributed or influenced you when you were in search of your identity?
-- No one influenced me about my identity. I'm the only gay in my family and I think I'm lucky enough to have supportive parents about my decisions in life.

Should homosexuals reveal themselves to the public?
-- If they're comfortable expressing their sexuality, I don't see any reason why they shouldn't come out of the closet.

If yes, how do you think this would affect their lives?
-- I really don't know how it would affect their lives. I guess it depends on their environment.

Is "coming out" a rewarding experience? Why?
--Yes. I think it's a rewarding experience expressing yourself whether you’re straight or not. It only means that you can show the world who you really are and that is the most important.

What do you think contributes to your decision of "coming out?"
-- It’s my own decision to express what I feel inside. I'm very fortunate to have a family that accepts my sexual preference.

Was it hard deciding for yourself? Did you not seek help from others?
-- No, it wasn't hard. It’s only me, myself and I.

Are you aware of the rapid increase of the homosexuals in our society? What do you feel about it?
--Yes, I am aware of that and I guess it’s kind of alarming especially now that the number of new HIV victims comes from our side. It’s depressing but we need to act right now and help the society. Praticing safe sex should be the top priority.

Are there lesser homosexuals before compared to now? If yes, what do you think contributed to their decision of coming out?
--Yes. I think the number of homosexuals is rapidly increasing now that we are more liberated. Also, technology contributes a lot in influencing people’s decisions in life.

Why do you think people consider this increase alarming? Are you or will you be a threat for everyone considering that you live and breathe in the same country?
-- I consider this as alarming since sexually transmitted disease is rapidly increasing on homosexuals. I hope I'll not be a threat since I am aware of the consequences that I might experience on this situation.

Why do you think people see that expressing their liberty is harmful? Can you cite examples; are you implying that gays or lesbians are more liberated than heterosexuals? Why or why not? Please elaborate.
-- Part of our culture as a Filipino is being conservative. I guess expressing our freedom whether your homosexual or not is just on the same level. It only differs on the category.

Do you think people recognize your existence in today's world compared before? Why or Why not?
-- Yes. Most people value our contribution to the society. A lot of gay people excel on their chosen field especially on the creative side. No one compares to the works of Ricky Reyes, Rajo Laurel and JC Buendia.

Why do you think gays are creative? I noticed that majority of the gays here are in the field of fashion. Why do you think there is a trend in their nature? Like all gays know how to be creative and imaginative.
-- Gays are more creative because we have wider imagination. We seek innovation to what we do and we tend to surpass our previous works.

Can you enumerate instances wherein society now accepts you for who you are?
-- Communications, fashion industry, TV production, and media now widely accept the talents that gay people can contribute to their organization.

Do you believe that there is still discrimination? If yes, how do you think homosexuals handle this?
-- Discrimination is there and I think it will always stay in our society as long as there are people who aren't open enough to understand the real meaning of individuality.

How do you deal with those who consider homosexuality as a conflicting matter?
-- I will not waste my time thinking about them. It's their problem not mine.

Ignoring them could sometimes help but does this disturb you? People have limitations, if let's say you got fed up by hearing or seeing unpleasant stuffs, how would you react?
-- It doesn't disturb me at all. If they cannot accept me for who I am then fine. It’s not their fault if they were raised like that.


Anonymous said...

taray ng mga sagot! good job!

boss.mack said...

everyday, I'm reading your blogposts. even the previous ones like this. and everyday, I'm learning & got the chance to know you better(almost!). =)
kahit it's a big no no since this is considered as visiting unrelated-to-work sites. pero parang I wanted to refer this to our boss to include this one na lang para maka-relate din sya kahit na straight men sya. hahaha.
but seriously, so far, this post is the most "unKABOGable"! I really like your responses to each questions. it's so TODO SA BONGGA, teh!
taray mo talaga! ikaw na teh! please keep it coming..XOXO