Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Meet Dennis & Jake

Ombre ang titulo ng bagong indie film na ating aabangan ngayong taon. Wala pang petsa kung kailan ipapalabas pero I'll keep you posted mga shupatid. Sa ngayon, inyo munang basahin ang interview sa dalawang main actor ng pelikula... sina Zac Ferrero at Darwin Taylo.

Zac Ferrero and Darwin Taylo for Ombre
1. Tell me a little about OMBRE. What can we expect?
Darwin: This film tries to make its way out of the usual sexual-themed indie films and really tries to capture the audience's attention by drawing them to feel what the characters are feeling. Expect drama. Expect love. Expect romance in different ways.
Zac: Ombre tells the story of a chavacano boy named Jake na nanganagrap maging artista pero sa ibang daan nadala ng tadhana. Expect a passionate love story…

2. So what was it that drew you to the film?
D: It's a masterpiece on its own. And this film's script is no exception. When I read the script, I immediately agreed to do the film. Knowing the passion Direk (Joni Fontanos) puts in a film and how this would improve my being an actor, I got excited to start filming it.
Z: The story, medyo kakaiba siya sa ibang gay love stories.

3. What does the title mean?
D: OMBRE came from the Spanish word Hombre which means male. This I think is derived from the over-all theme of the film that basically talks about how males fall in love with each other, the true, and sometimes taboo, way.
Z: It means “man” or “boy” in Spanish. I play a chavacano boy here, so basically… ako ‘yung Ombre.

4. Tell us a little about your character in OMBRE.
D: I play the role of Dennis, a photographer from Manila, who was an emotionally and mentally depressed young man. Left his life in Manila for a vacation in Baguio, which added more questions than answers to his already disturbed mind. What will keep his mind and heart at peace is what this film will tell you about.
Z: Jake is a dreamer. Gustung-gusto niya maging artista sa pag-aakalang ‘yun ang magiging way ng pag-asenso niya.

5. So, how similar are you to him?
D: We are more different than we are similar. I tend to get emotionally and psychologically disturbed sometimes but not to the extent that my character “Dennis” showed in this film. When I love someone, I always manage to set the limit early in the relationship and really try to reach out to the other side of the road and meet halfway.
Z: Para talagang ako. Pareho kaming ma-pangarap.

6. I’ve seen some sexy images from the film, do you mind getting your kit off onscreen?
D: I actually do. Hehe. The reason is I really have no "nice" kit to show off. But I showed the best form that I can at that time and pulled it off with the support of my director and the crew.
Z: To be honest I’m not used to it pero okay lang kasi it’s part of the movie and maganda yung story.

7. There are some great sex scenes in the film. Are they quite as sterile as actors make out?
D: Not at all. Most of the scenes were done to express passion, not lust; love, not sex; need, not want.
Z: Mahirap talaga ang mga sex scenes pero part ng movie kaya okay lang tsaka magaling ang direktor namin so magandalumabas ang mga shots.

8. How did you go about filming the sex scenes – what’s the process?
D: It was not easy. We'd have to go thru extensive acting and sensual workshops so we can be comfortable with each other. I also had to watch films with great sex scenes to know the idea and feel what it's like to do "it" on camera. I think what we were able to come up with was sexy and emotional.
Z: Nakakailang talaga kasi nga boy to boy yung sex scene. Nag-sensuality workshop kami with Lean Jurado.

9. How do you feel about the fact that there’s going to be a lot of guys lusting after you?
D: That'd be unusually cool but we all got it coming if it comes.
Z: Go ahead and reach me…

10. What would you say is your best asset and if you could change one thing about your body, what would it be?
D: My eyes are my best asset. I'm comfortable with everything that's me, but given the chance, my hands can use a little smoothness one way or another.
Z: My best asset is my eyes and wala ako gusto ipabago sa katawan ko kasi kuntento na ako sa kung ano ang bigay ng Diyos sa akin.

11. What was the most challenging scene for you to film?
D: The sex scenes, I'd say. It was the first time I had to do a scene like that, it took a lot of preparation, physically, emotionally, psychologically. It's not as easy as it looks.
Z: Syempre ‘yung love scene po.

12. What about a scene or moment that you’re most proud of?
D: It would be the climax of the story where we all got to face our fears and really stand up for what we feel. Well, I mean the characters.
Z: Mga drama scene and love scene kasi di lahat ng artista ngayon kaya yun. hehehe

13. Finish the sentence: A good night out starts with….?
D: a few drinks.
Z: Sweet talk.

14. And it ends with…?
D: more drinks. =p
Z: Secret ..ask me on facebook..hehehe

15. What’s one of the most outrageous things you’ve ever done?
D: Puked right in front of a bar.
Z: Nalasing ako sa bar tapos nagwala ako tapos somebody took me sa car then hindi ko na alam ano na nangyari after. hehee

16. What comes first for you: sex or love?
D: Love.
Z: Love syempre… temporary lang ang sex pero ang love forever.

17. What do you think is the secret of a good relationship?
D: Good communication and understanding.
Z: God in the center.

18. What has been your greatest discovery online?
D: That you can basically do anything. Sell yourself to great fame and be sold to great shame.
Z: Reading blogs…. Really entertains.

19. And finally, what’s next for you?
D: I'm not really sure. But I'm pursuing what I started. I love acting so whatever opportunities come to share it, I'd gladly take.
Z: You might be seeing more of me on local TV programs soon. Thanks!


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bet ko si zac ferrero, napuyat ako kagabi kakahanap ng sexy pics niya.cute and sexy combined

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Darwin Taylo a.k.a. junakis ni bekimon...?

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Opo. Siya nga ang junakis ni ateh Bekimon.

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